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What to Bring to your Appointment

  • Please bring one of the following valid photo IDs: passport, driver’s license, state identification documents.

  • If you’re booking a longer session, it is recommended that you bring non-alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated.

What to wear

  • Comfortable clothing.

  • Dark colors to avoid ink stains.

  • For back tattoos, consider wearing a zippered sweatshirt backward.

  • For leg and thigh tattoos, wear loose shorts or sweats that open on the sides.

  • For arm tattoos, wear a loose-fitting t-shirt, tank top, or vest.

  • For chest, arm, and upper back tattoos, a strapless top works well.

  • Some tattoos require partial nudity. Bring a couple of clothing options you can change into.

  • Robes are good for larger pieces.

Conduct during your appointment

  1.  You’ll need to list any medical conditions and medications on your consent form. You are welcome to bring one friend or relative; however, multiple people cannot be accommodated in the treatment area and must remain in the waiting area.

  2.  Getting a tattoo involves some level of physical discomfort; however, that should be the only discomfort you experience. If you feel unwell at any time (e.g., dizzy, hungry, faint) please let your artist know. We’re here to help.

  3.  It’s important to ask questions and communicate during your session. Your consent is key. Communicate your comfort level, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes. You should never do anything you are not 100% comfortable with. 

  4.  If your tattoo placement requires you to remove your underwear or be completely naked, this will not last for the entire session. If nudity is necessary, your session will take place in a private room, and your artist will have communicated this to you in advance. Our staff is happy to accommodate chaperones or one of our team members to supervise and help you feel comfortable. Please ask your artist or our reception team for help with privacy requests.

  5.  Your feedback and comments are important, helping us better structure our sessions to maximize your comfort and overall experience.

  6.  Be kind to your artist!



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I’ve gotten two tattoos with Jose so far and will keep going back as long as he’ll book me haha. I am that person that takes forever to work out my tattoos and what I want. He’s super professional and very patient when making the designs and changes. The shop is nice and clean, with zero chances of using unsterile tools from what I’ve seen. Even after the tattoo is done, he messages me to make sure everything is healing properly. I’m always recommending Jose!


Excellent work and amazing service. He was really easy to talk over ideas with during the initial consultation and gave solid advice on the placement of the tattoo. During the tattoo process he did a great job making sure I was comfortable. And he worked incredibly fast and still held a lot of detail in the work.


Jose was awesome to work with overall! Consulted me with my design and redrew/ redesigned the picture references I had initially brought into the shop, and he also recommended a better spot for my tattoo therefore I also relocated my tattoo! The tattooing procedure went really smooth! Gave me really good suggestions on products for the best after care; which really helped me heal really well, very minimum peeling and scabbing ! I’d say I’m a happy client and satisfied👍🏿


Phone: (240) 758-3226

Sueno Tattoo LLC 

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